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Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Won't Charge

Sunday, September 26th 2021, 9:50 pm

This is more for my reference than anything, but I hope it helps someone, somewhere as I struggled to find any information regarding this.

I acquired this watch on the cheap from my brother, as I wanted a watch I could make calls on like Buzz Lightyear and he had bought himself a Garmin smart watch to replace this one.

I went on a trip for a few days however, and let it go flat, like really flat, and as it turns out once it goes flat it won't wireless charge anymore, this appears to be a common issue.

As a last resort I found a pin out diagram, took the watch apart and connected (soldered) a usb cable to these points, and it charged and works. Wireless charging also works as long as there is some charge in the watch.

Here is a pin out, and link for reference.

The green and white I believe is for connecting a whole usb cable up for flashing, but for charging just the red and black are needed.

Link to the original, and most useful post on this